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The Law Offices of Kimberly Kaye Schreiber



Legal TN is a full-service law firm and mediation center. With over 50 years of combined experience in our Areas of Service, our firm is committed to helping our clients resolve their disputes, whether by mediation or litigation, in the most effective and least expensive manner. We are also committed to building lasting relationships with our clients as evidenced by the number years we have represented most of our clients. We consider them to be friends as well as clients.


As Rule 31 Listed Mediators, we assist other attorneys and judges with alternative ways of resolving disputes through mediation that reduce the cost to the attorney’s client and help eliminate congestion of the court’s docket. We also teach courses and conducts seminars to train other attorneys on how to become effective mediators.


See the law focus section on the right hand side of the page to easily browse the information specific to your needs.  If you’d like to schedule a consultation, please give me a call at 901-609-6079.